Corporate Ethics


At Shinsei Bank, our vision is to provide customers with superior banking and financial products and services best suited to their needs. We will increase our profitability and enhance shareholder value by maintaining our business operations under full control and by taking appropriate risk. In this way, we will establish trust from our customers, employees and society.
In conducting business, we will always comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and social codes, and will make and execute decisions with the greatest possible speed based on in-depth analysis and flexible thinking.
We will respect human rights and create an excellent working place for all employees, where they can use their skills professionally and can have opportunities to develop additional skills.
We hereby declare our commitments and establish the Charter of Corporate Ethics.

1. Maintaining Trust

We fully recognize the importance of our social responsibilities and public role.
We declare that we will strive to maintain unwavering trust from society through the sound and proper management of our business activities based on the principle of self-responsibility.

2. Placing Our Customers First

We recognize that the satisfaction of our customers and their confidence in us form the foundation of our existence.
We declare that we will always provide customers with the highest quality products and services which are best suited to their evolving needs.

3. Maintaining Transparency of Management

We declare that we aim to be an "open bank" by promoting fair, timely and appropriate disclosure of management information. We will secure sound management and enhance transparency through the constant upgrading of our business operations

4. Respect for Employees

Our success as an institution depends on our employees. We respect the human rights of all our employees.
We declare that we will create an excellent work environment for all our employees, where they can use their skills professionally, are given opportunities to develop more skills, are evaluated fairly, and are compensated properly.

5. Strict Compliance with Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Internal Rules

We declare that we will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations both domestic and foreign, and internal rules, act with fairness and integrity in conformity with the common values of society at large, and are responsible members of society.

6. Impediment of Relations with Anti-Social Organizations

We declare that we will take a firm and resolute stand against anti-social organizations which threaten the order and security of our society. We will consistently impede and thoroughly eliminate and rule out relations with anti-social organizations and refuse to provide anti-social organizations with any base for activities.

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