Group Sustainability Management Policy


The Shinsei Bank Group has established the Charter of Shinsei Bank Group Corporate Behavior which articulates our commitment to earning the unwavering trust of society and providing solutions to societal issues in a sincere manner, in order to live up to our management principles. Based on this Charter, the Group has carried out management with environmental and social issues in mind and is aiming to pursue revenue-making opportunities that are predicated on a sustainable society, in accordance with the Group's social responsibilities.

The aim of this "Group Sustainability Management Policy" is to clearly stipulate the basic views and future direction of the Group's initiatives pertaining to environmental and social issues, and present them to all of the Group's stakeholders, including members of the general public, shareholders, and employees, and to work on further enhancing our management through dialogue with these stakeholders.


For the purpose of realizing our management principles, we have established "The Charter of Shinsei Bank Group Corporate Behavior", to set forth the conduct expected of us as a corporate group, and have also enacted "The Shinsei Bank Group Code of Conduct", to stipulate the minimum standards of conduct expected of all of the employees of the Group.

The "Group Sustainability Management Policy" has been positioned as a basic policy and the starting point for the formulation of our management strategies. We are aware that, in order to pursue the kinds of sustainable growth opportunities that are required for the realization of our management principles, it is essential, as part of our social responsibility as a corporate group, that we contribute to the building of a sustainable society.

Corporate Governance Framework

ⅰ. Establishment, Amendment, and Abolishment

Establishment, amendment, and abolishment of the "Group Sustainability Management Policy" shall be subject to approval by the Group Executive Committee, as it is a basic policy that provides the starting point for the formulation of our management strategies.

ⅱ. Reporting and Deliberation

The status of business execution related to the sustainability management of the Shinsei Bank Group and the status of sustainability risk management, including corruption prevention, are regularly reported to and discussed by the Group Executive Committee.
We summarize and regularly report the details based on discussions by the Group Executive Committee to the Board of Directors, revise our policies when needed, and make continuous efforts to enhance sustainability management.

ⅲ. Disclosure of Information

Among the matters deliberated on by the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Committee, those matters materially important to outside stakeholders shall be, as far as possible, disclosed in the Group's Integrated Report.

Basic views on Corporate Governance

Basic views, guidelines and internal control have been stipulated in our Corporate Governance Report.

Basic views on Social Issues

Basic views:

We believe that human resources are the most important element for the Group as we engage in financial businesses. The Group's human resources are the source of our innovation and the competitiveness we require to achieve sustainable growth amidst fiercely competitive market conditions. We provide our employees with our all-out support, fostering a working environment that facilitates flexible working styles in order to provide appealing workplaces and enable people of diversified backgrounds from gender, age, nationalities and all other aspects to fully demonstrate their potential and achieve sustainable Group growth. We have established the "Group Human Rights Policy" in order to clarify the Group's respect to the human rights of all people. The Group is now able to meet the financial needs in society that conventional financial services have been unable to satisfy, by creating new opportunities for people to access financial services. The Group shall strive to provide easy-to-understand information to enable customers to ascertain their own financial needs in an appropriate manner. When providing information, we vow to prioritize customers' needs first and foremost and provide them with optimal financial products and services.

Corporate Philanthropy:

In order to act as a responsible corporate citizen in accordance with our "Policy for Corporate Philanthropic Initiatives," the Group is actively committed to contributing to society and is aiming to become a banking group that earns the trust of society. Also, through societal contribution, the Group aims to nurture human resources able to contribute to the sustainable development of society through strengthening teamwork among employees that transcends the boundaries of Group companies and creating networks connecting the Group with communities.

Basic views on Environmental Issues

Global environmental issues such as climate change are very critical issues relating to the realization of a sustainable society, and we are aware that such issues are also important management issues for us in our pursuit of sustainability management.

From the perspective of sustainability management, environmental issues represent business risks, while at the same time also provide significant business opportunities. The Group will therefore mobilize all of our capabilities as a financial services provider to help tackle environmental issues.

Furthermore, we will actively pursue investment and lending opportunities contributing to the expansion of renewable energy use.

Promotion of Sustainability Investment and Lending

When making investment and loans, the Group will actively involve itself in transactions where the recipients of our investments or loans, or the projects operated by these recipients, contribute to the solution of social and environmental issues.

In pursuing sustainability investment and lending, we aim to enhance the sustainability of the Group's revenue-growth opportunities through contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

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