Promotions at Shinsei Bank
2020.6.30 Revision of "The Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct"
2020.6.8 Notice to Customers Whose Period of Stay will Expire between March 1 and July 31, 2020
2020.4.30 Business Hours during Golden Week
2020.4.28 Postponed Change of the Criteria for Implementing the Illegal Account Use Prevention Measure (Suspension of Withdrawals)
2020.4.23 Notice to Customers Whose Period of Stay will Expire between March 1 and June 30, 2020
2020.4.20 Creation and provision of Anonymously Processed Information to third parties
2020.3.27 Notice regarding Shinsei PowerCall (call center) operations due to the new corona virus outbreak
2020.2.27 Change of the Criteria for Implementing the Illegal Account Use Prevention Measure (Suspension of Withdrawals)
2020.2.9 Expansion of Shinsei PowerDirect (Smartphone Authentication) Services
2020.1.31 Sendai Financial Center to Close [PDF]
2020.1.31 Hiroshima Financial Center to Close [PDF]
2020.1.16 Notice of Relocation of Yokohama Financial Center [PDF]
2020.1.10 Termination of Foreign Exchange Rate Alert (Email Alert) Service
2020.1.6 Notice for ending of issuing cash cards on the spot at branch locations
2019.12.16 Business Hours during the Year-end and New Year holidays
2019.12.11 Termination of Current Shinsei PowerDirect and Expansion of the New ShinseiPower Direct (Smartphone Authentication) Services
2019.12.10 Cash-back program for Customers receiving foreign exchange remittances
2019.11.28 Launch of Instant Funds Transfer Service Available 24/7/365
2019.11.26 Notice regarding ATM Use and Fund Transfers to Other Banks during the Year-end and New Year's Holidays
2019.10.31 Termination of Sending "Annual Account Statement" by Postal Mail
2019.10.1 Notice to termination of overseas remittances/domestic foreign currency remittances at branches and via Shinsei PowerCall (contact center)
2019.9.20 Shinsei PowerDirect (Smartphone Authentication) Services will be Expanded in late December 2019 or thereafter
2019.9.19 Revised Fees and Charges for PowerSmart Home Mortgage Effective October 1,2019 [PDF]
2019.9.2 Fees to be Changed in line with Increase in Consumption Tax Rate
2019.8.21 Notice to customers making overseas remittances (Updated Aug 21,2019)
2019.8.14 [Important] Additional confirmation will be required at the time of transaction
2019.8.1 [GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service] Notice of Commencement of Shinsei Step Up Program Preferential Service
2019.7.10 Notification of postponement of application of partial changes to cut-off times and transfer dates of Yen denominated remittances via the GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service
2019.7.8 The procedure for Domestic Fund Transfer on Shinsei PowerDirect (Internet banking) has changed.
2019.7.2 Notice of Relocation of Senri Chuo Financial Center
2019.6.20 [To: Customers receiving overseas remittances] Revision to Inward Foreign Exchange Remittance Fee
2019.6.12 Notification of postponement of application of partial changes to cut-off times and transfer dates Yen denominated remittances via the GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service
2019.4.17 Our Services Related to Era Name Change and 10-day Holiday (Updated Apr 17,2019)
2019.4.8 Notice regarding partial revision of Common Customer Agreement on PowerFlex Transaction and Customer Agreement on Foreign Remittance Transactions for PowerFlex Account
2019.4.8 Confirmation of Customers’ Permitted Period of Stay in Japan
2019.3.27 Notice to customers making overseas remittances
2019.3.7 Notice regarding partial revision of Common Customer Agreement on PowerFlex Transaction
2018.12.28 Notice regarding "GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service" Partial change to the Cut-off times and Transfer dates for Yen denominated remittances
2018.12.17 Notice of Relocation of Ueno Financial Center [PDF]
2018.11.19 Notice regarding termination of "GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service" FAX services
2018.10.2 [Six-Day System Suspension incl. the year-end and New Year holidays] Online and Call Center services incl. ATM
2018.9.11 Implementation of new service for self-resetting of Shinsei Power Direct (Internet Banking) password
2018.9.11 Notice for change in Shinsei PowerCall Account Verification
2018.7.2 Notice regarding the release of the "Shinsei Bank Overseas Remittance Application GoRemit" smartphone app.
2018.7.2 Partial change of Shinsei PowerFlex account overseas remittance service features
2018.6.6 Notice regarding the ending of International Cash Card (Overseas ATM) service
2018.5.21 New features added on GAICA Flex Prepaid Card
2018.5.2 Notice regarding partial revision to our domestic partner ATM withdrawal fees
2018.5.2 Notice regarding partial revision of the Shinsei Step Up Program
2018.2.1 Kanazawa Financial Center to Close
2018.2.1 Takamatsu Financial Center to Close
2017.12.22 Renewal of GoRemit website for English.
2017.12.19 Takatsuki Consulting Spot to Close
2017.11.27 Notice on Change of operating hours for Shinsei PowerCall (Call center) <from February 2018> [PDF]
2017.9.19 Launched a new page "GAICA Flex Prepaid Card"
2017.8.16 Kawaguchi Consulting Spot to Close
2017.8.16 Sakai Higashi Consulting Spot to Close
2017.6.15 Announcement of a revision/addition of the operation of numbering deposits accounts to the Purpose of Use of Individual Numbers [PDF]
2017.4.26 Updates on the Foreign Currency Deposit page
2017.1.26 Period of Shinsei PowerDirect Monthly Statements Available Online to be Reduced to Five Years
2017.1.20 Announcing the launch of our new English website.
2016.9.26 New transactions are added to the E-mail Alert Service
2016.3.18 Notice regarding opening of the Senri Chuo Financial Center
2015.12.30 [Important Notice] To use the International Cash service or the overseas remittance service, Individual Number is required when opening an a/c from Jan 2016. [PDF]
2015.11.25 Shinsei Bank expands its retail branch to two; the Nagoya Financial Center and the Sakae Financial Center [PDF]
2015.11.11 Notice of change to account activity history inquiries in Shinsei PowerDirect
2015.10.9 Roppongi Hills Financial Center and Jiyugaoka Consulting Spot to close and Shibuya Financial Center to open
2015.4.21 [Important Information] Phishing E-Mail and Fraudulent Website Alert
2015.4.10 "Shinsei Mobile Banking" Services for Feature Phones to be Discontinued
2015.3.3 Request for Mailing Address Update
2015.1.30 Ashiya and Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Consulting Spots to Close
2015.1.16 Chiba and Kamakura Consulting Spots to Close
2014.12.15 New function has added to the Internet Banking for Smartphone.
2014.8.4 [Important Notice] Change in Phone number of PowerCall English line
2014.6.6 Opening of Accounts by Foreign Nationals
2014.6.6 Request to Customers Concerning the "Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)"
2014.4.21 Regarding the Termination of the Clean Bills Service Denominated in US Dollars
2014.3.19 Online Banking Smartphone Services Launched
2014.2.24 Omotesando Hills Consulting Spot to Close
2014.2.7 Fees to be Changed effective April 1, 2014 in line with Increase in Consumption Tax Rate [PDF]
2013.12.9 Hiroo Financial Center to Close
2013.12.6 [Important Notice] Change to Overseas ATM Withdrawal Limit
2013.12.4 English services of investment trust transactions via Shinsei PowerDirect to be terminated
2013.10.25 Urawa Consulting Spot to Close
2013.9.25 [Important Notice] Change to hours available for inquiries by phone about investment trusts
2013.8.27 [Announcement] Changes to Periods Used to Evaluate "Stages" of Individual Accounts in the Shinsei Step Up Program [PDF]
2013.8.19 [Malware Attack Warning]Malware Attack Targeting Shinsei PowerDirect (Internet banking) Logins (August 19, 2013)
2013.6.3 New eligibility requirements to move up to the Gold stage of Shinsei Step Up Program [PDF]
2013.5.28 Beware of Fraudulent Mails and Websites that Appear to be Related to Shinsei Bank (May 28, 2013)
2013.5.22 Learn GoRemit in 3 min! Easy money transfer "GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance"
2013.2.4 Relocation Notice - Ginza Financial Center (2013.5.7) [PDF]
2012.11.30 Start "Anshin Pack" PowerSmart Home Mortgage(Japanese site)
2012.7.30 Osaka Consulting Spot to become Osaka Housing Loan Center
2012.7.10 Regarding Banking Agency Agreement between HSBC and Shinsei Bank
2012.6.27 Nihonbashi Muromachi Consulting Spot to become Head Office Housing Loan Center
2012.6.15 Shinsei Bank to Open Hankyu Umeda Consulting Spot
2012.4.20 Kawasaki Consulting Spot to become Kawasaki Housing Loan Center
2011.11.11 Closure of Meguro Financial Center
2011.10.25 Shinsei Bank and Cardif Assurance Vie to Offer Shinsei Bank Female Account Holders Medical Insurance via Direct Marketing Campaign
2011.9.1 [Important Notice] Start of Online Statement Service
2011.8.1 [Important Notice] Switching to Online Statement Service
2011.5.23 Integration of the LaLaport Financial Center and the Tsudanuma Consulting Spot
2011.2.25 Withdrawal-service suspension at unused accounts to prevent unauthorized transactions
2011.2.7 Open "Kawasaki Consulting Spot"
2011.1.11 Notice of a name change of the Mobile banking
2010.12.1 Notice of a name change of the Mobile banking
2010.10.22 Open "Chiba Consulting Spot"
2010.8.18 Notice regarding Shinsei Bank Internet banking site design
2010.6.24 Open "Takatsuki Consulting Spot"
2010.6.17 Changes to Domestic and Overseas ATM Services
2010.4.20 Open "Ashiya Consulting Spot"
2010.2.1 Open "Jiyugaoka Consulting Spot"