How to use E-statement Service

E-statements are available for viewing through Internet banking service, Shinsei PowerDirect.
Those who would prefer to receive written account statements are requested to contact us through Shinsei PowerDirect. Please click here to request for mail delivery of account statements.
[Note] Written account statements are sent the following month if a transaction is made.

1)Log in to Shinsei PowerDirect and click on "Accounts" in the main menu.

2)Click on "Statements" in the submenu.

3)View two options for Monthly Statement:

A)Monthly Statement for previous 3 months

Click on the month you would like to view, and click on the leftmost "Open (O)" option.
(Shown in PDF)

B)Monthly Statement for the month you designate (available from January 2004)

Scroll to find the month/year you would like to view, click on the right-hand "View Statement" option and then click on the leftmost "Open (O)" option.
(Shown in PDF)

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