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Smartphone remittance

Use your smartphone every step of the way from initial procedures to the final transfer.

Quick & Easy Remittances!

Bilingual assistance

Get assistance in Japanese or English over the phone, with our app, or online.

Great Value International Money Transfers!

170+ countries

Service with 12 currencies in over 170 countries.

Multiple Remittance Destinations!

Remittance made easy

Add multiple beneficiaries just once, and keep using them for future transfers.

No need to open an account with Shinsei Bank!

Anywhere, anytime

Use your smartphone and wire money without even stepping into a bank.

Individual customers

Find out how GoRemit helps individuals send money overseas without the hassle.

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Download the free GoRemit app, and wire money overseas with added convenience. Click "Learn More" for more information on just how this app makes overseas remittance so much easier.

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What exchange rate applies?

Funds received by 3 p.m. on a business day will be converted from Yen to the currency specified on your application form using the GoRemit TTS (Telegraphic Transfer Selling) which is updated after 10 a.m. every business day and valid until 3 p.m. on the same day. If the funds arrive after 3 p.m., the TTS exchange rates of the following business day will apply.
Please checkherefor the latest GoRemit rates.

How long does it take to remit funds?

Funds received by 3 p.m. on business days will be converted into your selected foreign currency at the foreign exchange rates quoted on that day and processed on the same day by Shinsei Bank. If the selected currency is JPY, funds received by 12 noon will be remitted on the same day. Depending on the beneficiary country and bank, funds will typically arrive within 3 business days; however, screening processes and local banking practice on the beneficiary end may cause delays in some cases.

Are any additional fees besides the
remittance fee of JPY2,000 charged?

Yes. For overseas remittance charges and other fees, please checkthe remittance charges on the GoRemit website.

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