How to register/change your Alert E-mail Adress.


Please login to PowerDirect and tap "Customer Support".


Please tap "Alert E-mail Address Register / Change".


A push notification will be sent to your registered smartphone and the transaction will be continue upon approval of the customer by tapping the "Approve".

¡If you haven't registered Smartphone Authentication Service, below image will be shown.
After confirming the contents of the transaction, please enter your PIN and 3 values from your Security Code Card and tap "Submit".


Please enter your E-mail address to "New E-mail Address" and "Re-Enter" field, and please tick "I acknowledge that I agree to all items in the important disclosures below."
Please click "Alert E-mail Address Register/Change" after confirmed your new E-mail address is correct.
(* If you will be received E-mail to your mobile phones/smartphones, please tick "Mobile E-mail" below the re-enter field.


Please confirm again and tap "Submit".
Change your Alert E-mail Address is completed.