How to make a time deposit in a foreign currency


Login to PowerDirect.

Select"Investments"tab and then click"Time deposit".


Click"Foreign Currency Time Deposits".


The page will change to"Registration/Change on customer's investment objective, investment experiences and situation of financial assets". Please check your current registration and click"confirm"or"change".


Before setting up a Foreign Currency Time Deposit, please confirm all the information shown on the page, and if you agree to the terms and conditions, please tick all the check boxes and click"Next". You cannot proceed without reading"Document In A Written Format Before Making A Contract For PowerFlex Foreign Currency Time Deposit".


Select"Time Deposits Foreign Currency".


Select the type of TD you would like to open then click"Next".


  1. 1Select the Deposit Term.
    The interest rates shown are indicative pre-tax annual rates and may refer to interest rates applicable from the previous business day depending on the time of the transaction. Please confirm the actual applicable rate on the next page (confirmation page).
  2. 2Select the account to be debited.
  3. 3Enter the amount in your debited account's currency.
  4. 4Click"Next".


Indicate action to be taken when the Time Deposit matures and then click"Next".


Confirm the data shown is correct and click"Submit".