How to check your balance


Login to PowerDirect.
Tap the "Accounts Overview" button.


Confirm the details of an account by selecting the settlement account.

  1. For example, you can check the "Yen Saving Account" information, when you select the "Savings-Yen" under "Yen Savings Settlement Accounts" .
  2. To view the account details, tap "Savings-Yen".
  3. To view the account activity, tap Yen Equivalent.


On the "Account Details" page, you can check your account informaion such as current balance.


On "Account Activity" page, you can check your transaction details.

There are two ways to check your account activity; the most recent 10 transactions or transactions within a specific time period.

[To view the transactions during a certain period]

  1. Select the "Specified Period" .
  2. Input the date in the "Start Date of Statement" and "End Date of Statement".
  3. Tap "Submit". Then you can see the list of the transaction you have chosen.

* Please enter a date which is in the same month and, at most, two years prior the present inquiry date.