How to set Foreign Exchange Rate Alert (Email Alert)


Login to PowerDirect.

Select"Customer Support"tab and then click"Rate Alert".


Select"Foreign Exchange Rate Alert".


Please confirm"Foreign Exchange Rate Alert Disclaimer"and if you agree, please tick the check box and click"Next".


Select the"Currency Pair","Bid/Offer"and"Target Rate"you wish to receive a rate alert, and then click"Submit"
Please note that you need to register your E-mail address to receive a rate alert. You can register your E-mail address through"E-mail address menu".

Currency Pair consists of JPY and 13 Foreign Currencys such as EUR and AUD.
Once you set the Rate Alert, it will valid for 3 months. Rate Alert by email will be sent once per one set.
If you wish to receive the rate alert again, please set it again.


Please confirm your rate alert settings.

How to cancel the setting.

Please proceed to the Step4. Select the items you wish cancel and tick the Reset box and click"Submit".