Commission Table

As of October 1, 2019

Fund transferTo Shinsei Bank account1 transaction629
Domestic fund transferTo Other Domestic Bank account1 transaction629
314/629(*1)1 time free/ month(*3)-
Refund for failed domestic fund transfer fee1 transaction524(*4)
Issue of bank check (Yen)1 transaction1,020---
Collection of a checkWithin the jurisdiction of
same clearing house
1 transaction2,095---
Other than above1 transaction2,095---
Request for return of a
check in collection
Within the jurisdiction of
same clearing house
1 transaction2,095---
Other than above1 transaction2,095---
Return of dishonored checkWithin the jurisdiction of
same clearing house
1 transaction2,095---
Other than above1 transaction2,095---
Usage of Partner Financial
Institution ATMs
Withdrawal using Shinsei
Bank cash card
1 time---110(*6)
Usage of Japan Post Bank's ATMsWithdrawal using Shinsei
Bank cash card
1 time---110(*6)
Issue of balance certificate(*2)1 certificate1,100--
Disclosure request for Registered personal information1 Statement-1,100(*7)--
ReissueMonthly Statement1 statementFreeFree--
Cash card1 cardRefer to the appendix--
Remittance in foreign currencyTo Shinsei Bank account1 transactionFree---
Inward foreign exchange remittance administrative fee1 transactionFree(*11)
Transfer fee for investment trustTo Shinsei Bank
1 / fundFreeFree--
To Other Domestic Bank account1 / fund3,3003,300--
Account maintenance fee1 account/

Remittance Fees for GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service(*8)

Remittance MethodFee
Remittances made by withdrawing from a Shinsei PowerFlex account via GoRemit App(*9)from a Foreign Currency Savings account(*1)4,000
from a Yen Savings account2,000
Remittances made by depositing funds to our designated collection account (JPY)Remittances in Foreign Currencies2,000
Remittances in JPYJPY2,000 + lifting fee of 0.1% of the remittance amount (Min. JPY1,500)

yAppendixzFees for reissuing cash card

Reasons for reissuing cash cardBranchShinsei PowerCall
Change of nameFreeFree
Damaged cardFreeFree
Lost or Stolen card1,050Free
Change of cash card color1,0501,050
  • Above fees which are subject to consumption tax include 10% consumption tax and local consumption tax.
  • Fees stated in ( ) will be for non-Shinsei Bank account holders.
  • Fees may differ for the Employees' Savings System and Public Corporation Bonds.
  • The transactions indicated as “|” in the table are currently not available.
  • Mail exchange bill and Funds transfer via ATM are not available.

(*1)Domestic transfer fee through Shinsei Power call to a preregistered account is JPY314.
If you wish to transfer fund to a not registered account, transfer limit is JPY500,000 and JPY629 fee will be charged.

(*2)Periodic issuance is not available.

(*3)Domestic transfer fee to other banks' accounts through Shinsei PowerDirect are waived once. (If you clear some conditions it will be 5 or 10 free fund transfers per month).
Transactions between the Bank and each customer for the 3 months before the previous month will be reviewed at the end of each month, and each customer will be assigned the applicable stage. This service is not subject to accounts that do not meet the required conditions. Transfer usage per month will reset to 0 on the 1st of every month at 0 a.m. Please note that fees will be charged and reimbursed later. JPY105/ JPY210/ JPY314 will be charged for transfers exceeding the free quota depending on the customer's stages. Transfer to other Shinsei Bank accounts are free.

(*4)1 free transaction per month. JPY524 per transaction from the following transaction. JPY1,020 per transaction will be charged for non-Shinsei Bank account holders.

(*5)Only between other domestic bank accounts.

(*6)The withdrawal fee is free for Shinsei Gold and Shinsei Platinum customers.

(*7)Previous customers may request a copy of their registered personal information at any branch that provides cash services, such as cash deposits and withdrawals. The fee applied for multiple copies of the same documents (with identical contents and in the same language) will be the same as for one document.

(*8)In order to use GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance, you need to apply for the service and need to register your beneficiary bank account in advance. Intermediary banks overseas or beneficiary banks may levy charges (e.g. bank charge, lifting charge) and those fees are withdrawn from the remittance amount.

(*9)Shinsei Platinum Customers are also entitled to make one free overseas fund transfer per month ifirst remittance in the month) * via GoRemit App. This is also applicable to domestic Foreign Currency remittances. Customers are required to register their Shinsei PowerFlex Account in the GoRemit smartphone app.

(*10)It includes the funds transfer to other domestic banks

(*11)Effective Monday, December 16, 2019, administrative fees will be revised. For details, please click here.

¦For more details about Shinsei Step Up Program, please check our Shinsei Step Up Program brochures available in our branch or our website.