GAICA Flex Prepaid Card

A Visa prepaid card you can use in Japan, online or in a store

Manual Load, Auto Reload or Monthly Auto Reload. Choose what works for you, no hassle!

Simply preload cash onto a prepaid card and use like a Credit card or Debit card at both physical and online stores that accept Visa payments.

The "GAICA Flex prepaid card" is issued by Shinsei Bank Group member APLUS.

GAICA applications made via Shinsei Bank are for cards with Flex function only.

Shopping at stores or online (Japan/Overseas)

Shopping at stores or online (Japan/Overseas)

You can use the GAICA Flex prepaid card just like any credit card. You can make purchases at shops, restaurants, and online - anywhere Visa payments are accepted.

Contactless Payments (Japan/Overseas)

Contactless Payments (Japan/Overseas)

With a GAICA Flex*1, you can make payments contactless without entering your PIN or signature wherever Visa payWave is accepted*2.

A quicker and safer way to pay!

  1. *1GAICA Flex with an IC chip issued after June 26, 2017 only.
  2. *2Some stores may request your PIN or signature. Please ensure you sign the back of the card.
Load your card anytime!

Load your card anytime!

You can load funds to your card directly from your PowerFlex account in 5 currencies (JPY, USD, EUR, GBP and AUD) via the APLUS Member-Only Site anytime you like, 24/365*1.

You will be able to load your card from the following 3 options;

Load: Load your account at your convenience. Auto Reload: Balance is automatically loaded when the balance falls below the designated minimum balance registered by the customer (Japanese Yen only).*2

Monthly Auto Reload: Load your account monthly with a set amount on a designated day (Japanese Yen only).*2

If you have any unused cash on your card, you can easily transfer it back to your PowerFlex account.

  • 1Service may be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance by Shinsei Bank or APLUS.
  • 2The reload amount will be removed from your Shinsei Bank PowerFlex account.
  • Loading your card with Yen is free of charge.
    A fee of 3.5% applies when loading foreign currency.
Free ATM Withdrawals (overseas)

Free ATM Withdrawals (overseas)

Load your GAICA Flex from your PowerFlex foreign currency savings account, and withdraw funds in that currency at an ATM free of charge*1.

Alternatively, you can also load your GAICA Flex with Japanese Yen and withdraw funds in the local currency at VISA & Plus Cash Dispenser or ATMs free of charge in more than 200 countries and territories (As of June 30, 2016).

  • You need to register your Individual number (My number) to use overseas ATMs.
  • 1Not available from ATMs in Japan. As an ATM owner, financial institutions may charge the fee.
  • Loaded balance in JPY can be used in Japan or overseas.
  • Loaded balance in foreign currency can only be used where that currency is the local currency.
  • The foreign exchange fees will be applied when using the JPY balance in overseas and calculated from the used JPY amount for payment or withdrawal. This fee will be deducted from the card balance.
  • When using your GAICA Flex overseas, any balance in the corresponding local currency that you have loaded to your card will be withdrawn. If you do not have sufficient balance in that currency, funds will automatically be exchanged and withdrawn from any Japanese Yen balance you have loaded to your GAICA Flex.