Shinsei Step Up Program

Discounts for each stage

Three stages will be offered depending on transaction levels, with increasing benefits in transaction discounts, deposit rates, and asset management discounts being provided for Gold and Platinum customers.

  • Discounts for each stage
  • Eligibility Requirements for each stage

Withdrawals: Free for Shinsei Platinum / Shinsei Gold customers

Partnership ATMs (Like Seven Bank ATMs)

Withdrawal fees

Available at our partner ATMs located in convenience stores, etc. such as 7-Eleven, LAWSON and more.

Fee per withdrawal
(tax included)
yen / withdrawal
yen / withdrawal
yen / withdrawal

* Withdrawals from Seven Bank ATMs, Enet ATMs, LAWSON ATMs, AEON Bank ATMs, PatSat ATMs, VIEW ALTTE (JR East Japan Railway ATMs) are free.
Withdrawals from Japan Post Bank ATMs (including those installed in Family Mart stores) , Major City banks' ATMs, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking ATMs, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank ATMs and Shoko Chukin Bank ATMs are charged 110 yen (including tax) per withdrawal.

For more details about ATM services, please click here.

Fund transfers: Free domestic online fund transfers

Online fund transfers to other banks

Free domestic online transfers

Up to 10 times per month0yen

Online fund transfers between Shinsei Bank accounts will be free regardless of the number of transfers.

Numbers of free remittances10/month5/month1/month
Transfers over the above limit (tax included)75

Transactions: Preferential foreign currency exchange rates, etc

Foreign Currency exchange rate

As of Jun 25, 2020
JPY to Foreign currency and Foreign Currency to JPYFor example,
1 USD to JPY

one way


For example,
1 USD to JPY

one way


For example,
1 USD to JPY

one way


  • The Foreign Currency exchange fee for Shinsei Platinum and Shinsei Gold will be applied when the currency converted from JPY to Foreign Currency or Foreign Currency to JPY, however they are not applicable for currency changes or interest payment of PowerSupport Plus or the withdrawal of reserve funds for PowerBuilder. In addition, converting currencies between foreign currencies or the converting of funds by Shinsei Bank from Foreign Currency to JPY when closing your account will not be applicable either.
    For other currencies' foreign currencies exchange fees, please clickhere.

Exchange rate fees which differ from the above may be applied in the event that many forex requests are made on market holidays, e.g. weekend etc., or if a drastic change occurs in markets.The maximum rates of such one-way exchange fees and round-turn exchange fees are 5.5 yen per unit and 11 yen per unit respectively.In this case, commission discounts will not apply and the same across-the-board commission which is higher than the regular fee may be charged regardless of customer stage.

Please check the latest forex rates, which include commissions, before executing each forex transaction.

For more details about Foreign exchange fee, please click here.

Interest rate for Foreign Currency Time Deposit

PCMinimum of 10 basic currency units per transaction.

Depending on customers' stage, preferential interest rates will be offered.

  • The interest rate for Foreign Currency Saving Deposit will be applied after maturity.
  • In principle, foreign currency time deposits may not be cancelled before maturity.
  • In some circumstances, such as drastic changes in markets, commission discounts offered to Platinum and Gold customers may not apply.

For more details about Foreign Currency Time Deposit, please click here.

Preferential interest rate for Yen Time Deposit

BranchTelephone5 million yen or more per unit, PowerFlex Yen Time Deposit

PC1 million yen per unit, PowerDirect Yen Time Deposit 100

Preferential interest rates will be offered to customers in the Gold or Platinum stage.

  • Preferential interest rates for "Shinsei Platinum" and "Shinsei Gold" Yen Time Deposits will be applied to "PowerFlex Yen Time Deposit" set up at over 5 million yen at the branch, telephone banking, or with "PowerDirect Yen Time Deposit 100" set up at over 1 million yen via internet banking.Preferential interest rates for "Yen Time Deposit" and "PowerDirect Yen Time Deposit 30" and "PowerChoice Yen Time Deposit" are not available on Internet banking.
  • Shinsei Bank may change the applicable interest rates or discontinue this deposit as a result of changes in market conditions.
  • The interest rate for YEN Saving Deposit will be applied after maturity.
  • In case of voluntary cancellation before maturity, our designated cancellation interest rate will be applied, but your deposit principal will be guaranteed.
  • Preferential interest rates are subject to market conditions, and there may be cases where preferential interest rates are the same as regular interest rates. Preferential interest rates may differ between Shinsei Platinum and Shinsei Gold stages.
  • The range of preferential interest rates may not be applied as a result of campaign or other events.

Home Mortgage: Handling charge discounts and priority processing!

Handling charge discount

Up to30,000yen off

As of October 1, 2019
Handling charge30,000yen
off the handling charge
off the handling charge
No discount
(Discounts may be offered as part of campaigns, etc.)
  • The handling charge for Step-Down Interest Type, Anshin Pack W and Anshin Pack S is 165,000 yen (consumption tax inclusive), the handling charge for Anshin pack is 110,000 yen (consumption tax inclusive), and 55,000 yen (consumption tax inclusive) for customers who do not contract to Anshin Pack. For Floating Interest Rate (reviewed semi-annually) <Floating Focus>, the handling fee is 2.2% of total loan amount (consumption tax inclusive).Please note that there are several conditions and requirements depending on the type of services and interest rates to be selected for the mortgage.
  • In the event of campaigns or special offers, there may be instances in which there is no difference in preferential treatment between stages.
  • New account holders are, in principle, not entitled to the preferential handling charge for housing loans.

For more details about Home Mortgage, please click here.

Incoming foreign exchange remittances 2,000 yen Cash-back Program

Incoming foreign exchange remittancesHandling fee virtually free of charge*1

2,000yen cash-back / transaction

per transaction
per transaction
  • *1 The Incoming Foreign exchange remittance* administrative fee (the handling fee) is an amount equivalent to 2,000 yen. However, the handling fee for "Shinsei Platinum" and "Shinsei Gold" customers will be virtually free of charge because 2,000 yen will be returned to them by the end of the following month. Foreign currency-based handling fees are determined so that they are equivalent to 2,000 yen. The fees are reviewed regularly since their amounts translated into yen change due to fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates.

    The Cash-Back program will apply an unlimited number of times for each incoming remittance.
  • * "incoming foreign exchange remittance" refers to overseas or domestic foreign currency remittances and Japanese yen remittances from overseas or domestically from non-residents of Japan.
  • Please clickherefor details on currencies that can be deposited and handling fees.
  • The customer’s stage must be either “Shinsei Platinum” or “Shinsei Gold” at the time of deposit of funds to customer's account to be eligible for cash-back.
  • If the handling fee is paid by the sender, no handling fee will be charged by Shinsei Bank and therefore cash-back program will not apply.
  • 2,000 yen cash back will be returned to customer's yen deposits account by the end of the following month from the date of receipt of funds to customer's account.
  • If there are insufficient funds in the customer's account to pay the handling fee, the remittance will be returned to the sender and the cash-back program will not apply.
  • If a customer closes their account before the receiving the cash-back, the cash-back program will not apply.

Special Service for Platinum Customers

Free overseas remittance via GoRemit once per month

The overseas fund transfer fee is 2,000 - 4,000 yen per transfer depending on the remittance method, however Shinsei Platinum customers are entitled to make one free overseas fund transfer per month.

For more details about overseas fund transfers, please click here.

y Caution regarding Preferential Service for Platinum Customersz

  • Shinsei Platinum Customers are eligible to make the first remittance of any given month free of charge when making an overseas remittance or domestic foreign currency remittance from their Shinsei PowerFlex Account.
    The customer's stage for the month must be Platinum on the day the remittance request is sent via the app.
  • To be eligible for the Preferential Service for Platinum Customers, after registering with the GoRemit App customers must register a Shinsei PowerFlex account in their name with the app. When making a remittance in the same month as registering a Shinsei PowerFlex account, the remittance fee will be refunded to customers at the beginning of the following month. When making a remittance in the months after registering a Shinsei PowerFlex account, the first remittance of any given month will be free of charge when making a remittance request.
  • Customers' Shinsei Step-up Program details are updated at approx. 10:00 am on the first business day of every month. If a customers makes a remittance request via the app before these details are updated, the remittance fee will be deducted at the time of the remittance, but will be refunded within that month.
  • After making a remittance request from the GoRemit App, the free remittance for that month will be considered used even if the remittance is cancelled or the funds are returned for any reason.
  • This preferential service is not applicable when making a domestic transfer to our collection account.