Yen Deposit
(PowerFlex Savings Deposit)

Your most basic account for everyday use

A simple account for basic transactions such as ATM deposits and withdrawals, fund transfers, and automatic monthly payments for utility bills.

Product Features

Interest Rate

Variable interest rate is adjusted daily and changes depending on the daily closing balance.
“Shinsei Platinum” and “Shinsei Gold” have preferential interest rates.
According to market trends, campaigns, etc. in some instances, preferential interest rates may change or may not be applied.


Interest is received monthly.

Application Information

Deposit PeriodNone
Deposit Amount1 yen or more, in units of 1 yen
Deposit CurrencyJapanese Yen
Interest ReceiptMonthlyInterest CurrencyJapanese Yen
Principal GuaranteePrincipal is guaranteed.
Deposit InsuranceYen savings and yen time deposit accounts are subject to Deposit Insurance.