Beware of Fraudulent Mails and Websites
that Appear to be Related to Shinsei Bank (May 28, 2013)

Shinsei Bank has received reports of fraudulent mails (phishing mails) and websites (phishing sites) that purport to be sent from or operated by Shinsei Bank in an attempt to steal customers' PINs and other personal information. Please be informed that under no circumstances does Shinsei Bank ever ask customers to give their passwords, PIN or any other confidential and important information by e-mail or similar methods.

Details of the Fraudulent Mails/Websites reported

  • Mail title:
  • Access to your online account has been suspended
  • Content of the Fraudulent Mails/Websites
  • The fraudulent mails/websites may ask customers to input their account number, PIN, Shinsei PowerDirect (Internet Banking) password, and/or the letters and numbers shown on the reverse side of their security cards.

May 28, 2013
Shinsei Bank