Smartphone Services and Important Information

Services and Information Available

  • Account Overview
    (Account balance and Transactions information etc. excluding the information of investment trust)
  • Transfer
  • Interbank Transfers
  • Transfer Inquiry
  • Yen Deposit
  • 2 Weeks Maturity Deposit
  • PowerDirect Yen Time Deposit 30
  • PowerDirect Yen Time Deposit 100
  • Time Deposit-Yen
  • PowerChoice-Yen Time Deposit
  • Foreign Currency Deposits
  • Customer Support
  • Change Limits
  • ATM/J-Debit Withdrawal Limits Change
  • Domestic Fund Transfer Limits Change
  • PowerYokin Limits change
  • Password change (PowerDirect Password)
  • Aleart E-mail Address Register/Chgange
  • FAQ

Services other than the above are available via PC or by phone.

Supported OS versions

  • iOS(Safari) 9.2
  • Android(default browser) 4.1.2, 4.2.2, 4.4.2
  • Android(Chrome) 4.4.4, 5.0.2, 5.1.1, 6.0


  • - Services may be unavailable on certain devices, and in certain wireless communication environments regardless of Smartphone OS version.
  • - Your browser's JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled to use the service.

Security Code Card

Customers utilizing Smartphone services are required to enter values from their Security Code Card when executing transactions, not when logging in to PowerDirect.
Once values from the Security Code Card have been entered, users will not be required to re-enter values during the same session for additional transactions.


Customers who have not registered their Security Code Card Number via PC are required to register their Security Code Card Number to log into PowerDirect.

The Security Code Card Number is located on the back of the Security Code Card.

Important Information

Malware attacks in which customers are prompted to enter 4 values or more from their Security Code Card at one time have been reported.

Please do not enter any information on a suspicious screen, and instead call our call center, Shinsei PowerCall, at 0120-456-007.

If clicking the login button does not open a new window, reload the current page several times in your browser and click the login button again.

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