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Switching to Online Statement Service

Please be informed that effective September 2011, Shinsei PowerFlex account statements will be provided online instead of by post, as part of our efforts to improve efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment.

Starting September 2011, we would like to request customers who currently receive a written account statement by post to view their account statements on-line via our Internet banking service, Shinsei PowerDirect.

Please note that there may be temporary delays in connecting you to an operator on weekends or holidays when our call center is busy.

Shinsei PowerCall
Toll free 0120-456-00724 hours everyday

All customers will continue to receive a written annual account statement by post around April each year.

A Security Code Card[PDF] is required to login to Shinsei PowerDirect.
If you do not have Security Code Card, please follow the steps below.

  1. Access the Shinsei Bank website and login to Shinsei PowerDirect (Internet banking).
  2. If the initial setup screen (" Step 2 ") is displayed, please call Shinsei PowerCall (the call center) toll free at 0120-456-007 to request reissuance of your Security Code Card.
  3. If the initial setup screen (" Step 2 ") is not displayed, this is your first login to Shinsei PowerDirect. A Security Code Card is not be required for the first login. After your first login, a Security Code Card will be sent to your registered address by post. For subsequent logins, please have your Security Code Card at hand. At your second login, you will be required to register a PowerDirect password and other details.

If you are not able to login Shinsei PowerDirect, please call Shinsei PowerCall toll free at 0120-456-007.

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